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The Art of Public Speaking

Originally published in 1915, Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking has been the go-to guide for those who want to better their speaking abilities for more than a century. Do you have trouble getting up in front of an audience? Are you struggling to get your point across? Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, especially […]

Effective Communication Skills Mastery Bible: 4 Books in 1 Boxset

Communicate Better, Build Stronger Relationships, Reach Your Goals. Repeat.Here’s How You Can Master The Art Of Effective Communication & Become More Successful In Life!Let’s face it. Poor communication is the reason so many relationships fail. Poor communication is the reason behind so many start-ups that never make it. Poor communication might be the reason people […]

Body Language and Mind Hack Nonverbal, Communication, Relationships, Charisma, Self Esteem, Communication Skills 24 Hours

It is a perfect amalgamation of facial expressions, hand gestures, foot position, arm gestures, and body posture. Correct body language communicates a positive impression about your personality. Positive body language helps you meet and interact with new people. Facial expressions involve smile, frown, stare, eye movements, and movement of the face muscles to express your […]