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The Courage To Be Disliked

“The Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change Your Life, and Achieve Real Happiness” is a self-help book written by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. The book presents the teachings of Alfred Adler, a pioneering figure in psychology, through a dialogue between a philosopher and a young man seeking personal growth. Here’s a […]

The Minimalist Entrepreneur: How Great Founders Do More With Less

 Lessons from “The Minimalist Entrepreneur” by Sahil Lavingia “The Minimalist Entrepreneur” by Sahil Lavingia is a compelling guide that underscores the principles of building a successful business with minimal resources. Drawing from his own experiences as the founder of Gumroad, Lavingia provides invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to maximize impact while minimizing waste. […]

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

In his landmark bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell redefined how we understand the world around us. Now, in Blink, he revolutionizes the way we understand the world within. Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually […]

The $100 Startup

Lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose—and earn a good living. “Thoughtful, funny, and compulsively readable, this guide shows how ordinary people can build solid livings, with independence and purpose, on their own terms.”—Gretchen Rubin, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project Still in his early thirties, Chris Guillebeau completed […]

The Art of Public Speaking

Originally published in 1915, Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking has been the go-to guide for those who want to better their speaking abilities for more than a century. Do you have trouble getting up in front of an audience? Are you struggling to get your point across? Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, especially […]

The 5 Resets

‘A masterful approach to rewire our brains and bodies from the inside out.’ – Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO, Thrive Global From Harvard stress expert, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, comes a reimagined approach to overcoming your stress and burnout using five small but mighty mindset shifts. Stress has a bad reputation but is actually a healthy […]

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

“Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles explores the Japanese concept of ikigai, which translates to “a reason for being.” The book combines personal anecdotes, interviews with Japanese residents, particularly from the longevity-rich Okinawa, and research on happiness and longevity to uncover the keys to a […]

The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

“The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life” by Robin Sharma is a self-help book that advocates for waking up at 5 AM to maximize productivity and improve one’s life. The book combines storytelling with actionable advice to create a comprehensive guide for personal growth and success. Here’s a detailed summary of the […]

Effective Communication Skills Mastery Bible: 4 Books in 1 Boxset

Communicate Better, Build Stronger Relationships, Reach Your Goals. Repeat.Here’s How You Can Master The Art Of Effective Communication & Become More Successful In Life!Let’s face it. Poor communication is the reason so many relationships fail. Poor communication is the reason behind so many start-ups that never make it. Poor communication might be the reason people […]

Mind Management, Not Time Management

Mind Management, Not Time Management: Productivity When Creativity Matters** by David Kadavy Summary David Kadavy’s “Mind Management, Not Time Management” offers a revolutionary approach to productivity by emphasizing the management of one’s mind over the conventional concept of time management. The book suggests that productivity, especially in creative endeavors, is less about meticulously planning time […]