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Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

This updated and expanded edition of Dr. Berry’s bestseller Lies My Doctor Told Me exposes the truth behind all kinds of “lies” told by well-meaning but misinformed medical practitioners. Nutritional therapy is often overlooked in medical school, and the information provided to physicians is often outdated. However, the negative consequences on your health remain the […]

Dopamine Detox: A Short Guide to Remove Distractions and Get Your Brain to Do Hard Things

Reclaim your focus in 48 hours or less.Do you keep procrastinating? Do you feel restless and unable to focus on your work? Do you have trouble getting excited about major goals?If so, you might need a dopamine detox.In today’s world where distractions are everywhere, the ability to focus has become more and more difficult to […]