Textbook Of Liver Transplantation: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Patrizia Burra



Liver transplantations require a complex and varied, multidisciplinary approach involving not only hepatologists and surgeons but also pathologists, psychologists, professional educators, nurses, young patients, pediatricians, and development experts. This textbook provides an overview of the management problems involved in liver transplantation for acute and chronic liver disease, pediatric liver transplantation, and the psychosocial aspects of liver transplantation. A closing chapter, focusing on the developments and future prospects in liver transplantation, outlines the potential offered by donors after cardiac death, cell therapies, and organogenesis. The multidisciplinary approach is also maintained in the selection of authors, all experts actively engaged in the various disciplines involved in liver transplantations. This aspect, together with its precise and didactic descriptions of all phases of liver transplantation for chronic and acute diseases – from managing waiting lists to post-transplant complications – make the book a valuable tool for fellows, trainees, and specialists in the field seeking an accurate framework for liver transplantation in its many facets.

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