A Textbook of Algebraic Number Theory by Sudesh Kaur Khanduja



This self-contained and comprehensive textbook of algebraic number theory is useful for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics. The book discusses proofs of almost all basic significant theorems of algebraic number theory including Dedekind’s theorem on the splitting of primes, Dirichlet’s unit theorem, Minkowski’s convex body theorem, Dedekind’s discriminant theorem, Hermite’s theorem on discriminant, Dirichlet’s class number formula, and Dirichlet’s theorem on primes in arithmetic progressions. A few research problems arising out of these results are mentioned together with the progress made in the direction of each problem. Following the classical approach of Dedekind’s theory of ideals, the book aims at arousing the reader’s interest in the current research being held in the subject area. It not only proves basic results but pairs them with recent developments, making the book relevant and thought-provoking. Historical notes are given at various places. Featured with numerous related exercises and examples, this book is of significant value to students and researchers associated with the field. The book also is suitable for independent study. The only prerequisite is basic knowledge of abstract algebra and elementary number theory.

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