Simple Thai Food: Thai Cooking Made Easy with These Tasty and Authentic Recipes by Layla Tacy


Get ready to take a shortcut from bland to bold! Learn how to master the art of cooking authentic Thai recipes with just a few ingredients, and at home.
Welcome to this book that will help you learn how to cook not just Thai dishes, but also, Chinese and Western dishes!
Here’s one for cooks who love learning new things and are looking for many different ways of cooking. Get this book, practice a few recipes, and amaze your family and friends with your new cooking talents!
The recipes in this book are carefully designed to be easy to prepare. And, you can choose between cooking with a wok or without a wok.
The recipes in this book are deliberately written to be spicy for the brave, but you can always reduce or increase the amount of chili if you prefer milder dishes.
And the last but not least, all dishes in this book are made with a few ingredients to make your life easier and save on cooking time.

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